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26 Sep
Posted by Tim, The Yard Guy
Sustainable Landscape Design

By Tim Lee

Sustainable landscape design is all about the balance of both natural and mad-made elements that would allow a homeowner to feel at ease, knowing that the plants would survive and can be maintained. In a way it's like observing ants in an ant farm, but it involves a little more interaction with people who wish to keep a healthy garden or patio the way it should be. This practice is common even in real estate development, making sure the ecology of the land would not be harmed in the most damaging way possible, and it can also work with gardens as well.

To understand the design is to know how much plants or area for a patio is needed in order to create a well-balanced yard or house. It may be something like decorating, but there is science involved. Most gardeners would know when a number of plants in a garden would be too much that sunlight would no longer reach the ground, thus losing the much needed nutrients that can only come from the sun itself. The same thing with other smaller plants that would be covered by the taller ones.

Another aspect when it comes to the design is the usage as well as construction, where contractors who specialized in the field would use and identify the kinds of hazardous wastes that would upset the natural balance on most gardens. Of course it doesn't mean the waste would be harmful to humans, but will not ruin the garden ecology in a tremendous way.

There are other projects that this field also produces. One such example is the usage of alternative fuels and energy such as solar panels. This may sound extreme for most people, but for conservationist as well as those who are aware of the resources that is wasted on a daily basis about the need to protect natural resources.

Sustainable landscape design is a science that helps protect both homeowner and the environment to be in harmony with each other, and in the recent years have been sought after by hundreds of homeowners with regards to protecting their home as well as their lawns and gardens in the future. It may be the first step, but eventually would be recognized and accepted by a majority of Americans who wished to have a more ecological-friendly home.

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